Psychological topics for Applied Kinesiology

Psychological topics very often have complex causes. Those can be situated in the relationship to ones self, family, partner or other circumstances. The underlying mental blocks ranging from simple to very complex traumas when seen they can be overcome — step by step.

Depending on the situation a method is chosen or several methods compliment each other, for example family constellations and inner child work.

Sometimes it can be helpfull to combine the method applied kinesiology for psychological topics with other methods like familiy constellations, inner child work or others. Andrea Hofmann works with these methods as well and combines them if appropriate. For more information see (in english).

Psychological topics – field of application 
Depression, aggression, mourning work, mental blocks, dysfunctional relationship etc.

Angst: agoraphobia (fear of big wide spaces), agaraphobia (fear of being touched), claustrophobia (fear of small spaces), coniophobia (fear of dirt and dust) etc.

Trauma: spiritual and/or physical violation, emotional and sexual abuse, rape for example, post-accident diffuculties, multiple injuries etc.

Addiction: eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, gluttony), alcoholism, pathological gambling, shopping addiction etc.

Anankastia: ablutomania (compulsion to wash), compulsion to control etc.

Psychosis, schizophrenia, personality disorder etc.

Space for Inner Work, Berlin (Neukölln / Treptow, Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg)

Andrea Hofmann works with Familiy Constellations, Kinetherapy and is a alternative practicioner (psychotherapy) in training. She publishes in various media. (partly in english) (in german) (in german)

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