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Welcome to my webpage for kinesiology in english!

In my sessions I work in german and in english. My webpage is mainly in german, but here are some articles you can find here in english.

More about my work (family constellations, applied kinesiology, inner child, alkaline bathing and more) in english you can find on my main webpage www.andrea-hofmann.de

This is an overview of all articles about applied kinesiology in english

Applied Kinesiology – the method
What is Applied Kinesiology? How does it work?

EMDR – The method that is part of Psycho-Kinesiologie
EMDR is a very effective method for trauma-therapy and part of the method Psycho-Kinesiologie

Topics for the work with Applied Kinesiologiy

Physical topics
For what kind of physical problems is Applied Kinesiology usefull?

Psychological  topics
With what kind of psychological topics can I work with Applied Kinesiology?

Social  topics
When does Applied Kinesiology help with social topics?

Spiritual  topics
What kind of spiritual problems can be solved with Applied Kinesiology


Applied Kinesiology and EMDR
Training in the method Psycho-Kinesiologie, based on Applied Kinesiology and EMDR


Space for Inner Work, Berlin (Neukölln / Treptow, Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg)

Andrea Hofmann works with Familiy Constellations, Kinetherapy and is a alternative practicioner (psychotherapy) in training. She publishes in various media.


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  1. Dear Mr Hofmann,

    My name is Katia ,I’m 28 ,I live in Berlin and I would be interested in undertaking a training to get a certificate in Pshyco Kinesiology.
    I had a menthor in Energetic Kinesiology and I have some basic knowledge but I would like to improve my skills and be able to performed it as therapist.

    Could I have more informations about this course?
    Thank you for your attention ,

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