Social topics for Applied Kinesiology

Social topics – the various levels of soul, body and social life are intertwining. Here individual developments and personal ab ilities show themselves on the social stage concerning topics like closeness and distance, self-confidence and respect to others, the abilities to be open and tolerant, calm and considerate.

Childhood as social topics
The feeling of not belonging to anybody/the family, not being understood by anybody/the family, problems with violence, abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual) etc.

School / Training / Studying as social topics
Exam nerves, learning disorders, problems with determination (which school / profession / job), problems with determination and decisions making, with concentration, forming friendships, low motivation), anxieties, bullying etc.

Friendships as social topic
Lack of friendships, trust issues, communication problems, „false“ friends etc.

Relationships as social topics
No/limited relationship, dysfunctional relationship(s), jealousy, communication problems, sexual problems, dominance / victim attitude, violence, abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual), addiction, co-addiction, no / limited self-determination etc.

Employment as social topics
Problems with choice of profession, working/job structure, communication constraint, structural problems, problems with motivation, problems with the employee / employer, problems with colleagues, financial problems, mobbing, problems with being unemployed etc.

Parenthood as social topics
Communication problems, fear of failure, competence problems, dominance problems, delimitation problems etc.

Miscellaneous social topics
Future Angst, stalking etc.

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Andrea Hofmann works with Familiy Constellations, Kinetherapy and is a alternative practicioner (psychotherapy) in training. She publishes in various media.